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Gold Foil Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Every designer has a bucket list of things they’re excited to design or to try. For the longest time mine has been foil letterpress invitations. This past winter I was fortunate enough to meet Angela and Brian in a quaint coffee shop in Bowmanville, Ontario for a wedding invitation consultation. Within minutes of our discussion, Angela stated that she wanted to do letterpress printing and that she wanted to incorporate gold foil. I have to admit, fireworks were going off in my head.

Once they informed me that it was a brunch wedding at the Century Barn in Cavan, Ontario, I was over the moon excited about the project. Personally, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (brunch, even more so) and, as you’ve read before, I love wedding’s that are personal and unique to the couple. We set to work creating the wedding stationery suite and this is the result!


May 25, 2016